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Towards the end of 2012, I went to a prison with my close friend in order to visit his sister. That occasion gave me opportunity to observe different women and children in that prison. The women, youth and children were seemed to be in a real challenging situation. Because of that the idea with different questions came to my mind. My close friend and I were constantly giving our sister various clothes, hygiene items and other materials she needed. Whenever we visited that prison, I observed a lot of similar women who needed help, and immediately I came up with an idea of reaching more women and children who needed some help not just in prison but in their daily lives .

For this reason, I kept asking myself, “Are there many sisters who are troubled, anxious, and unable to keep themselves clean? who else is visiting pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers? There were some other pregnant women; Some of the women were even breast feeding, and there were also young children who were under 18. Beyond all, I also questioned myself about youth and children whose parents are incarcerated. Likewise, our country’s economic situation was evidently an addition. “


The Objectives of this Organization are

To keep all prisoners who have physical or mental disabilities in a healthy physical and mental state.
To provide basic educational trainings and prevention materials relating to disease prevention, good health, hygiene, and proper usage of medication.

To assist in affording every prisoner an opportunity to obtain a foundation in basic literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills and offering necessary resources & counsels.
To make resources and facilities available for religious purposes to all religious groups of prisoners.
To provide specialized training to Correctional administrators and officials/ staff who work with specific types of prisoners to address the physical, social, and psychological needs of such prisoners, including female prisoners who face language or communication barriers or have physical or mental disabilities, who are under the age of eighteen or senior.

Core values

Core values are guiding principles that are crucial to us and monitor how we perform our service in harmony with the prisoners and their families, and victims of crime that our programs impact. These Core Values guide our attitudes and whole activities as a board, staff, and volunteers:


  • We believe that we must be truthful and accurate in our personal conduct as we represent the organization consistently and with integrity.
  • We are submissive to mentality in everything we do and obedient to the guidelines of the Sharing Love Charitable Organization’s programs.
  • We are Christians who believe in the Holy Trinity and honor and live the teachings of the Bible and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Welcome to Sharing Love Charitable Organization

Donating Outside Ethiopia

Please telephone Temesgen Tadesse Abo to express your interest in donating to SLCO:

Mobile: +251 930 176 860

    About Us

    Sharing Love Charitable Organization is a network of Ethiopian volunteers. It was the initiative of Mr. Temesgen Tadesse Abo. He began supporting prisoners and their families in 2012.  The former Ethiopian University academic Kebede Ergudo Erbelo, is a chief coordinator for volunteers and projects supervisor.


    SLCO calls for donations to help prisoners and their families. Donations are direct to the Ethiopian bank accounts listed here.

    Donating Within Ethiopia

    Commercial Bank of Ethiopia – 1000332573307
    Oromiya International Bank –130006830001
    Dashen Bank – 0039103035011
    Birhan International Bank – 2500220091177

    • Account name for all: Sharing Love Charitable Organization


    Mobile: +251 930 176 860

    Mobile: +251 930 176 517

    for global contact

    Phone +1303 564 2357

    Post: 62353 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Website: or click here. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.